Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A piece of poop dipped in gold, and other tales.

Viva Las Vegas. Or so Elvis says. I was able to take a little trip to Las Vegas starting last Thursday, and we drove home Monday. Inbetween that time, I got to spend some good old fashioned Vegas time with my old pal Jake, his wife Ashley, their baby Will, Tim, and Ashley's friend Chrissy and her friend Owen. We hotel jumped like Johnny Depp and Bencio Del Toro from our first night on Fremont St at Binnion's (which had wonderful curtains that looked as if they had been shot at with a shotgun more than once), to the Palms west of the strip for two, and last and pretty much least (not counting the curtians at Binnion's) the Tropicana, which we are convinced will be demolished by next Christmas. The highlight of the trip was either being solicited by a young lady who we flatly turned down at 4 am the first night, or the giant faces of Donnie and Marie plastered on the side the Flamingo after walking from the entire end of the strip to the next, all in the name of the half off with your player's card buffet at the Sahara.

So now its two days before Christmas, and I'm hoping I don't get the old "stomach flu on the 23rd" that I've had in years past. I'm feeling good about halfway through the day so I think I should be alright.

The real reason I wanted to post was to talk about how recording is going to go better now that I am not in school, and that at least one song, New Mexico, after several hourse of dinking around on the keyboard, is pretty much done, at least we know what we want. Let's hope luck is truly a lady as we head into 2009.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Open Mic this Friday

Playing at an open mic this friday, at L'Astelier Cafe at 57 West 200 South. Probably around 7 PM. Come on down if you like the downtown and being cool.